How You Answer this Question Can Help You Determine Your Level of Crazy.

The big question to determine your craziness.

When things are not going your way in life, do you resort to the same behavior to get back on track?

You may not know the answer to this inquiry because so much of our under-stress-behavior is unconscious, we are not aware we are doing it. This is because we are using coping behaviors we developed early in life.

Reliance on childhood coping mechanism to solve problems is crazy.

Fear of the unknown makes it challenging to try different approaches to problem solving. This is true if the chosen method has worked for us so far.

Crazy shit people do when things are not going their way.

People pleasing is a common coping mechanism. Here are other crazy strategies people use that don’t work to solve adult problems either.


It is hard to give up your coping mechanism because the things you did yesterday brought you the life you have today. But if you want tomorrow to be different, then you have to try distinctive approaches from what you have done in the past. No other way to get there.

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