Answer These Eleven Questions to Help Align Yourself with the Life You Desire

1. What do you believe about the presence of a higher intelligence in the world?

Someone who supposes there is a higher power will see his/her life different from someone who does not acknowledge a god.

My answer.

We all come from a higher intelligence whose creation in this world is manifested in infinite diversity. This greater being lives within each person and connects us to one another and every living thing.

2. Do you believe every human being was created with a purpose?

This is about what you think is the standing of every individual. Are they of equal importance to you, or do you place them in a hierarchical stratum that places importance on measures like education, race, wealth, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

My answer.

Each person was born with a great purpose to fulfill. All of them fit together to create a greater good. This purpose is founded on respect, love, kindness, generosity, courage, acceptance and inclusion of all. You can tell a great purpose in the way it unites people and protects our planet.

3. What do you consider to be the power of your environment over you or anyone else?

Your answer depends on the power you give to your environment in restricting your ability to create the life you want.

My answer.

We were born with the tools we need to become our highest selves. Our physical circumstances cannot block us from fulfilling this purpose nor from receiving the blessings of the divine.

4. Why do you think you are on this earth?

There is a funny bumper sticker — to me anyway — that says “He who dies with the most toys wins”. But is a race for material possessions the reason for our lives?

My answer.

Everything in life is impermanent. The only thing certain is the journey we must travel to become whole and authentic. This journey defines our purpose along the way and demands we live our lives uniquely while allowing others to do the same.

5. What do you judge to be the purpose of relationships?

We don’t travel this life alone, a lot of other people will orbit around us throughout the years. The importance you give to them determines how you live your life outside of yourself.

My answer:

We were not meant to live in isolation; therefore, our greatest opportunity to evolve is through the interaction of relationships. This is particularly so in loving relationships.

6. Do you think everything happens for a purpose?

You have a choice on what you believe about your experiences. They can be lessons, punishment, or karmic debts to be paid. It is up to you.

My answer.

Everything that has and will happen to you is always meant for your greatest good. Judging the events of your life as good or bad is incorrect thinking. Celebrating and expressing gratitude because these helped shape you to be the person you are today is correct thinking.

7. What is the most important thing you can do to fulfill your dreams?

Your perspective depends on whether you believe you have the power to achieve what you desire or not.

My answer.

We must become conscious of our negative self beliefs and convert them into ones that stress our value and worthiness. If we don’t believe we are enough just as we are, we will never fulfill our greatest purpose.

8. Do you think a spiritual world exists alongside a material world?

If you believe in a higher intelligence, then it follows there is a world beyond what we experience with our five senses. If you don’t, then there is probably no spiritual world for you either.

My answer.

There exists a spiritual world, and it affects the physical world. As explained by the “Law of Attraction”, the energy you emit will attract like energy back to you.

9. Do individuals have the power to change the world?

Your answer is shaped by whether you believe in your ability to shape the world or you feel powerless to do so.

My answer.

The only way to change the world is by becoming the change you hope to see. By doing this, you shine a light on the road that others can follow.

10. What is your mission?

This is not about your profession necessarily, this the “what” that you want to do right where you are today. Don’t be surprised if it is different than your current job.

My answer.

To share my life lessons with others so they can use them to connect with the higher purpose in their lives.

11. What is your vision?

This is the how you hope to accomplish your mission. It can be anything, but it needs to be something concrete.

My answer.

To share my lessons through my writing, speaking and mentoring.


Articulating your own beliefs in the present day will give you clarity as you move forward through the challenges of life. This unites your actions and goals with your highest intentions and supports the steps you take towards fulfilling your dreams. It also provides a solid foundation from which to launch the next phases of your life.



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